Don't let the Mille Lacs County, MN Attorney's Office Put Cows Back With Their Abuser!

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Update: 7/20/2018:

-As of now, the cows are back with their abuser (it is assumed that he opened up the gate on my aunt's property, trespassing, to bring them back to his -Joe Carlson's- house).

-Joe Carlson attempted to run over my aunt with a vehicle and the county attorney's victim's unit isn't helping her. 

- On 7/19/2018, the cows didn't have water (except for the very little bit of water from a passing rain shower) or food (except for a bale of hay, which is years old-- by then it turns into mold and must-- cows won't touch that). 

- There were also calves that got out of the fence to find something to eat. Three of them near a road and in danger of being hit by a passing vehicle. 

It is obvious that not much is being done to help these cows and I have may declared victory too early with the hopes that something would be done to help these animals before the 9/4/2018 court date. Please continue to contact Joe Walsh, County Attorney,  to address the issues mention above. His direct email is:

Also, PLEASE continue to share this petition as it can still be signed. Thank you for your support!!



This abuse cannot be allowed to continue. 

My aunt has cared for her neglectful neighbor's cows at least 12 times at this point because they continue to escape as they are not being given adequate drinking water nor food to eat. The cows have been in her care for 23 days now.

This is a farming community and this type of abuse and behavior is not acceptable. 

The Mille Lacs Deputy Sheriff's office and Attorney's Office are now demanding that the cows be given back to their abuser. The DSD and County Attorney's Office are giving Joe Carlson a delicate slap-on-the-wrist with a very minor misdemeanor charge and a mere 1,000 dollar fine.  Sadly, this man is allowed to continue abusing and torturing animals at this time. This is unacceptable. 

Cattle owner, Joe Carlson (who is the brother of Jay Carlson, property owner), has many documented cases of animal abuse and neglect. 


Carlson knew a deputy was called to have him removed from the farm but before he left he turned on the water in the barn and it flooded before the family went out for the next feeding. More than 30 piglets were injured and wet.  Two of the piglets died right away and 27 more suffered and died within days of floating in the water.  Sgt. Holada with MilleLacs County asked Carlson later in the day about turning on the water in the barn but Carlson denied it, that was noted in the report and the facts and case were dropped.


****- There is video evidence of him running-over cows and calves with a van. Here is the disturbing video.

-assumed poisoning of neighbor's dog.  Ranger the dog went missing August 1, 2017. Evidence of a bag used for poisoned meat was found on rangers family property. A large pile was also noted on Carlson property where a neighbor witnessed Carlson dumping it the day before. The bag was retrieved by Millelacs county for evidence. Happily the dog was found 2 days later and brought into vets office and treated with fluids. County did nothing with report as Dog was found again.

-Update form Aunt: here

Video of coming home to find cows magically back with their abuse. See that here

How can we allow such a man the right to, once again, be given permission to own ANY animal. This isn't right. Please help. 

Contact the County Attorney Office and tell them that this is unacceptable: 

Tim Kilgariff, Joe Walsh: 320-983-8305 (180075110)

 Any person who does such acts should NOT be allowed to own an animal. Let’s make sure this happens!!