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The ABC store North Kihei, Maui Hawaii cat colony is a managed area of about 60 cats that for years were left to breed out of control in a wooded undeveloped area populated by a group of employed homeless people. Housing on Maui is extremely tight with 30-50 applicants for each available rental and single rooms with no cooking facilities going for as high as $1000.00. Many responsible people are left out in the street by this market. A handful of these well meaning individuals are doing the best they can to finally try to end the decades long animal suffering in the North Kihei area but they need your help.

While about half the cats were fixed free under a grant that promotion has ended. To finish this job of population control they either need 30 more free spay/ neuter spots or donations to cover the $45/ cat fee now being charged by the Maui Humane Society the only place other than a vet clinic to get cats fixed.

Food donation programs help feed these cats along with a few bags of food the people can buy but more food is still needed. It takes one $18 bag of Costco food to feed these cats and keep them healthy every 2 days. 10 more of these bags are needed every month in order to adequately care for these animals many of whom were tame cats dumped there by an irresponsible  community who no longer wanted them.

Occasionally an animal needs veterinary care. There is no funding for this or donated medicine  so often the animal suffers. Funding is needed for antibiotics, snap tests, the occasional mercy euthanasia and other veterinary services or or pro bono Humane Society vet tech help is needed. 

This is a very manageable situation with existing man power to make it happen and to end animal population growth and suffering in this colony forever.  Please help these kitties. 


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