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Safeguard PANGOLINS "the most heavily poached animal in the world."

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The pangolin is the most highly poached mammal in the world. And unfortunately, they surpass the elephant and rhino as the most illegally trafficked animal in the world. They are prominently sold for their scales and over a million have been illegally bought and sold in the past 10 years alone. Furthermore, I sadly did not know about the pangolin until a week ago and I found out that I'm not alone, since it has not been recognized or publicized by the media. So, I am creating awareness for the existence of this being.

Hardly a zoo has been able to keep one alive. Pangolins are amazing: With shiny scales and pointy heads, they look like miniature dinosaurs; baby pangolins ride around on their mothers’ tails; they slurp ants with 25cm-long tongues; and they can curl up into an armored ball that foxes any predator – except humans. Being so elusive, not much more is known about them. Their diet consists mostly of insects like ants and termites, so they're good at managing insect population.

Now the eight (four Asian and four African) species of pangolins are prohibited from international trade thanks to greater protections they won at the 2017 conference of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which UN Environment hosts.

We need to continue to raise awareness until they are no longer consumed or illegally traded in the United States. May I ask you to open your heart to the possibility that you can make a difference, and please stand in solidarity with me for the pangolin.

This link provides valuable information on the illegal trade of pangolins.

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