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Add a Facebook Report Option for Animal Cruelty

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After years on Facebook, there has been a recent, and highly disturbing trend. Over the past few years, there have been numerous posts using the torture and killing of animals as a source of humor. This is both highly disturbing, and completely allowed on the site. No Minor, that has just joined the site, should be exposed to seeing such things. From personal experience in my own life, before even joining Facebook, I can safely say that seeing an animal die at the hands of another human being, right in front of you, is a painful experience. It's something you never forget. I myself have tried to report posts that fall under this category, but found that there is no option for reporting such a thing. Facebook needs to show respect for the community of people that use it, and the poor animals that have been tortured in the name of likes. It's time to put this heinous encouragement of brutality to an end.

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