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Investigate the Doctor who used his own sperm during artificial insemination.

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I am writing to urge you to help me change laws and get answers as to why every political office is not willing to do anything about these policies. My biological father is a retired physician who started a private practice fertility clinic in Indiana in 1970s through the 1980s. His clinic at that time specialized in helping parents conceive using donor insemination.  He told patients that his donors were hospital residents who were paid for their donation, that fresh samples were collected prior to the insemination (not frozen) and that he used the same donor for up to three pregnancies. 

Recently, I discovered through DNA testing that I have numerous siblings.

Here is my situation:  I am from Indiana, and I have grown up knowing I was donor-conceived.  I tried to find out more about my origins as I got older, and was given the name of the doctor in Indiana who ran the fertility clinic my parents went to (due to legal issues I must keep his name anonymous). I was able to contact him approximately 13 years ago, hoping to find out any information, even non-identifying information such as ancestry and family health history.  He told me that he used resident physicians as donors, used fresh samples collected one hour prior to the insemination, and tried to match physical characteristics of the husband to that of the donor.  He also stated all records were shredded and he doesn't remember anything else. 

This discovery was rather strange considering we and our parents were told the same donor was used for only up to three pregnancies. In addition, it didn't make sense that a resident physician would have been available that frequently for seven years to donate.  (Most residencies are three to four years in length and, especially at that time in history, were very time-intensive.  100-hour-plus work weeks were not uncommon). Furthermore, we are wondering how many others with the same donor could possibly be out there since there are so many of us on this particular genetic testing site alone. My half-sister did more research on this doctor, his family tree, and on DNA relatives on the site and was able to confirm that my half-siblings and I are matched via DNA to several cousins, a few generations removed, on this doctor's family tree. Putting all this information together, I suspect this doctor was using his own sperm for the insemination of women in his fertility clinic, perhaps countless numbers of times.  I am outraged by this clear breach of ethics in the field of medicine.  Origins of the father aside, the suspected sheer number of children produced that would be living in the same community, with the same father, is likely very high.  At the very least, this number is higher than what the doctor told us and our parents.  This brings forth the very real prospect of half-siblings and children entering into relationships or marriage with one another which could result in children with very serious health conditions or death due to the unknown consanguinity of the parents. Furthermore, we question the legality as to whether the doctor even had the right to destroy the above mentioned medical records.

I did meet with the Doctor whom has admitted what he did. I now want answers as to why the Indiana Attorney General, Marion County Prosecutor and other officials are not taking this seriously. Please sign my petition so we can make sure this doesn't happen to other families in the future.


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