Insist Missouri creates laws allowing citizens to rescue animal locked in vehicles

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As a passionate advocate for the voiceless, I am requesting the assistance of Missouri residents in adding their signature to the petition asking Missouri to create a law allowing citizens as good Samaritans to rescue an animal from a confined vehicle in which the animal is in danger. During the summer momths, so many people travel with their pets and decide to lock them in vehicles without air or opened windows. Temperatures rise to a fatal level in a matter of minutes causing the animal, typically dogs and cats, to suffer of heat exhaustion and then to their death. Missouri currently does not have any laws allowing people to rescue or break windows of a vehicle where an animal is locked in and suffering from rising temperatures in any way. Civilians are suggested to call the police which can take many agonizing minutes, minutes that the animal cannot wait or breathe in that matter. A simple signature could change this and advocate for animals who are subjected to the negligence of their owners and insist Missouri make and pass a simple law allowing those who care to assist a suffering animal without risking losing their own freedom.