Get Circle of Hope Girls Ranch Closed Permanently

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Circle of Hope Girls Ranch is a religious corrective boarding facility for adolescent  girls. They aim to “fix” girls who have “taken the wrong path”, whatever that may be, and focus their fixing on heavy Christian influences by “saving” the girls. However, many girls who have attended this boarding facility, including the daughter of the owners, Boyd and Stephanie, have spoken out on the abuse that happens within this facility. There is video footage that has been leaked from the inside of the facility where a man, presumably Boyd, instructs a girl to punch another. 

The daughter of the owners has spoken out on a podcast called “Troubled”, where you can also hear the story of a young girl named Rachel Kellso and the abuse she and other “students” there were put through. This includes Stephanie and Boyd grabbing girls by their necks and throwing them and demanding the other girls to apply pressure on pressure points. 

Circle of Hope Girls Ranch needs to be investigated and shut down. It is simply a ring of profitable child abuse that has gone over looked. Many cases have been attempted to be opened against the facility but are typically shut down. These girls deserve families and love just like any other child and they deserve to be able to live happy, healthy lives. Abuse does not cure anyone, no matter the situation. Help save the girls that attend the facility now, the girls who could in the future, and bring justice and closure to the girls who have already suffered through this.