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Just saw this in the news today:

Disgusting in this day and age that people like Mike Jeffries actually believe and subscribe to attitudes like this. Thin doesn't equal beautiful any more than fat equals ugly. Beautiful is from the heart and this kind of attitude is ugly. It's the kind of attitude that perpetuates discrimination and bigotry. It's the kind of attitude that affects our children and breaks down self-esteem. It's wrong and disgusting and there's no place for attitudes like this in this world.

The woman in the image above wouldn't fit into A&F clothes. There's truly something wrong with a CEO who stands by his belief that only "thin and beautiful" people are worthy.

Letter to
CEO Abercrombie and Fitch Mike Jefferies of Abercrombie and Fitch
Stop discriminating against people who aren't "thin and beautiful"... it's hateful and wrong and there's no place for this kind of attitude and belief in the world.