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Justice for Layla

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My cousin Kristen's poor puppy, Layla, got loose and was shot with a dart in the abdomen and other vital organs by The City of Bedford Animal Control Center. Needless to say, she didn't make it to today. The man working for the City of Bedford admitted to Layla not being a threat. Layla was only trying to run away from him, which is in all animals nature to do so. I do not blame the man, he was just doing what he thought was his job (although we did find out he has a history of killing animals with the dart gun). I feel this shows laziness and using unnecessary force, which is probably a reflection of the pay these officers get. These are supposed to be animal control OFFICERS, so officers should be properly trained with these guns as they are real weapons. DO we want improperly trained people handling and using fire arms or other weapons? With that said I would like to know the training these people are given, how he would NOT know to not shoot toward the heart, and how shooting at a nonthreatening dog is justifiable. This really hits close to home for me, and I'm sure it does a lot of you too. Our animals are our family, if this was my dog, it would be like killing my child. Please help us to get the attention this situation needs, so this doesn't ever happen to any of our beloved pets again. Bedford needs to ban tranquilizing of innocent dogs, simply hire people that KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING, or only allow these weapons to people who KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING. We want justice for Layla in hopes that nobody ever has to experience what these dog owners are experiencing right now. Please pray for Kristen & Brad.   If anyone knows any more history of animals getting killed by this guy at Animal Control, please comment below!

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