Add controller on Android Genshin Impact

Add controller on Android Genshin Impact

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Hi for all player of Genshin impact, 


And especially to people who on Android, I am sick to play with the touch don't you ? 

Apparently it is not so hard top add this feature on this game so why it is not include in it ? 

Does MiHoyo Can explain why there is no controller supported on this game ? 

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"Android controller support exaplanation.
Hello everyone,

First of all i wanted to point out that this statement is my own, and under no circumstance represent official info.

Lets dig into the subject. Android controller support, a feature many of us are still waiting for and there are a couple of things i need to explain.

Genshin Impact is a game developed in Unity, and as an Unity developer myself, i could point out that the game has the controller support, just disabled at their convenience

There is no need to invest, or research such a feature, it already exist at the core of the game.

iOS and Android are both ARM-based operating systems, the game files in unity are IDENTICAL, the only difference is one toggle you press before compiling button.

This is the part where i'm starting to speculate that Mihoyo, has signed an agreement/contract with Apple, to offer exclusive controller support for their platform ( together with Razer Kishi, you little devils ) for about 1 year + .

In regards to the other threads i've found, or in the process of creation : don't bother, Mihoyo won't do anything until they think it's fit, they are aware of it."

1 180 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 1 500 !