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I have decided that its time to try and get as much support as possible for the poor Stray Dogs roaming the streets of Madeira Island, These animals are abused and betrayed badly by their owners who, when they decide to go on holiday, or they have just had enough of them, will callously throw them out onto the street to fend for themselves. People dump tiny puppies in the mountains or their garbage  with no hope of survival,

Sadly, there are no enforced animal cruelty laws in Portugal.

Please sign this petition to help stop this very sad situation and bring about positive change for these helpless animals. There needs to be a free national spaying and neutering policy implemented when an owner first takes a dog from a kennel and for owner of dogs that haven't had this done. Presently, people have to pay for this and they will not do it, therefore there are endless strays.   and there needs to be micro-chipping so dogs can be identified, Also make it illegal to chain dogs up.!

:When people visit Madeira they are very saddened by what they see and it is such a beautiful island!