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No more torturing waiting accepted by Immigrants

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It is important because many people are suffering from waiting time in various ways.

Example: 1

Migrationsverket has no surety of precise waiting time and they change it so often which means if they say 1 year while you applied application for visa it can be 18 months after a month you applied. Especially if you are already in Sweden you have lowest priority. Migration Policy makers think that an immigrant living inside the Sweden have no life outside the Sweden which is not true. 

Example 2:

If you change your visa status from student/work visa to work/family visa, you issued visa starts from date of decision which mean waiting time between application applied date and decision date is wasted. If you get visa after a year of waiting time you will able apply for permanent residence after a year late.

Migrationsverket has no law to compensate it this waiting time so far. Waiting time suffered maybe countable in your citizenship time but again prerequisite requirement for citizenship is permanent residence.

What we want?

We want to immigration policy makers to devise a law for waiting time as lot of immigrants are affected by it.

We would like to tell Migrations policy maker we have families, business and job outside the Sweden. We want a precise waiting time so we can our lives without uncertainty and don’t suffer.

If waiting time is more than 3 months we want compensation for the all extra time after 3 months toward permanent residence.

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