Keep Gloria On 12th Street

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The beautiful and inspiring mural that honors Gloria Casarez on 12th Street is about to be destroyed by Midwood Investment and Development. Midwood is erasing history and community to erect another of their neighborhood-crushing, thoughtless structures. We need you to speak out against this destruction and fight for the mural to remain!

First, the community was led to believe that the mural and that corner of the building was going to remain standing. Then we were led to believe that the mural could be moved in its entirety to a new location or recreated. But now, none of those options are financially or physically possible. So much of Gloria's family and community were integral to creating this mural, yet at no point has Midwood reached out to any of Gloria's family or the community to discuss the future of the mural. 

Gloria fought for housing rights, racial justice, AIDS awareness, and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. She made us all see the intersections of affordable housing, anti-racism, honoring history and culture, classism and anti-oppression work, all while loving and holding us all accountable. Now New Yorkers are coming in and tearing down a mural of a true Philadelphian.

The Gloria Casarez mural, as the cornerstone of the Gayborhood, represents the history of 12th street and the neighborhood. We must keep Gloria on 12th Street! Please sign to let Midwood know Philadelphians won't stand for this destruction!