Fire TX law officers who threatened to shoot a Black grandmother and grandson

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On May 16, Midland, TX, Police drew their guns on an unarmed Black man and his 90-year-old grandmother as she tried to protect him. The police claim 21-year-old Tye Anders ran a stop sign several blocks before arriving at his grandmother's home. That is the "crime" that led nearly one dozen police cruisers to converge on the neighborhood, multiple officers to draw their guns and later file felony charges of against Anders for "resisting arrest."

Body cameras worn by the officers show Anders pleading for his life, terrified that he would be shot as he lay face down in his grandmother's front yard, hands behind his back. But that did not stop the police from threatening to shoot him, his grandmother or their neighbors.

No charges or reprimands have been made against the officers. When asked about the incident, Midland Police Chief Seth Herman applauded the officers for being "professional" and showing "extreme patience."

This is just one of the countless incidents of racial profiling and injustice that Black communities face every day across the United States. Luckily, Anders escaped with his life. But all too often, Black men profiled by police are not as lucky.

By taking action now in Midland, we can demonstrate to other communities and other police departments that this kind of racists abuse will not be tolerated.

Police Chief Herman should be fired immediately, and the Midland Police Department should be required to overhaul its policies and procedures. Midland County District Attorney Laura Nodolf should also be fired for pursuing felony charges against Anders while taking no action against the Police Department.