Time to Change the Name of Midland Lee High School

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The time has come for a new era in Midland, TX.

Midland Lee High School has, for nearly 60 years, provided a first-class education to the students that were blessed to walk its halls. Alumni have gone on to find success around the globe. They have served our country in the military, become scientists, doctors, and lawyers, become community leaders, created jobs by opening small businesses, and have been mothers and fathers to the next generation. However, not all alumni had the same experience while attending the school.

There can be no doubt community leaders chose the name Robert E. Lee High School in 1961 as a response to the ongoing Civil Rights Movement of the mid-20th century. For many, the name of the school, the mascot, and the Confederate symbols used to celebrate success have caused pain for decades and continues to do so. Today, we are all aware of what these symbols represent and the part they play in systemic racism.

History cannot be erased but it must be properly acknowledged. How fortunate it is that a new future can be written. The time has come to change the name of Midland Lee High School.

As this beloved school heads towards its Diamond Jubilee, what better gift can be given than a recognition of the pain of the past, an opportunity to heal as a community, and a chance for current students of the school to choose a name that enables the best possible learning experience for all future alumni.

Please sign this petition to let the Midland School Board know that the time for change is now. By signing you add your voice to the message that the current students and citizens of Midland should be allowed to chart a new path of inclusion and support for all.