Remove commercials from inflight entertainment

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We, the passengers that choose to fly Middle East Airlines are really annoyed that we are being forced to watch commercials for 18 minutes during the beginning of our flight.

Most of the commercials are not even focused on the tourism sector, we are shown commercials for hospitals, plastic surgeries, and banks amongst other things.

This becomes a nuisance on several different occasions.

  1. If you have a child with you and they see a screen that's on, most likely they want to watch cartoons or play a game, instead they have to wait, have you tried to calm a child down for 18 minutes?
  2. If you're on a short flight, those 18 minutes are really important to finish watching that movie.
  3. Can't turn it off, even if I don't want to watch the screen, this is glaring directly in front of me.
  4. Ticket prices are not less than the markets that you have to resort to playing 18 minutes of back to back commercials.

We understand that it will be impossible for you to remove the advertising from your inflight entertainment so how about these solutions to possible scenarios.

  1. If there is a child, they shouldn't have to wait. Let's be real, nobody likes a crying screaming baby on their flight.
  2. If there is a short flight, it shouldn't play and the entertainment shouldn't cut off 20 minutes before landing.
  3. Give us the option to turn off the screen completely.
  4. If you are keen on displaying ads, at least reduce your ticket prices to compensate for the advertising revenue.
  5. Display only tourist related ads.
  6. Reduce the advertising to 3 minutes.

We hope you hear our concerns and take appropriate action to ensure we have a more pleasant flight on your airline.


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