Community want changes on the management of Taree, Tuncurry and Gloucester Pounds

Community want changes on the management of Taree, Tuncurry and Gloucester Pounds

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Chantal Faugeras started this petition to Mid Coast Council

***Update*** 24th Jan

Council have killed 4 cats on the 22nd Jan.

They were not beyond capacity. They did not try to find a option nor let rescue groups know this was going to happen. 

We have a interview with prime news tomorrow (Friday 25th Jan at 10:30am)

If anyone would like to come to show their support it will be at Taree dog park, Stevenson St.Taree 2430


Thank you for the huge response with over 6k signatures. This petition is still active and we have also generated hard copies which is being distributed around the Mid North Coast NSW. We expect the petitions to be active for 4 weeks before organising a community meeting with Mid North Coast Council. 


Our Community want to see changes with the way our local pounds are managed and see the  upgrading of current facilities.

Taree pound is managed by Rangers which is located in the Industrial area of Kolodong.

This pound has 10 pens. 2 Holding pens for dogs, 2 holding cages for cats. Inside there is approximately 4 cat cages.

This pound is only open from 8-9am + 3:30-5pm weekdays and only 8-9am Weekends/Public Holidays but this has also changed and times cannot be relied on.

Taree council has merged with other local councils and now known as Mid Coast Council.

Mid Coast Council did not provide pound data for 2017-2018 and it is not the first time this data has not been provided, however their annual report states that 324 animals were impounded.

189 were saved by Rescues. 85 were reclaimed by owner's and 50 were killed or died in the pound. For the last 5 years stats show that rescues are the saviours and council does minimal in helping to rehome impounded animals.

Approximately 2 years ago, council stopped direct adoptions. This means any member of the public who may be interested in an animal at the pound will be told to contact 'A Rescue' if they want to adopt.

Rescue groups are over worked, over stretched and are the back bone in saving the animals from being killed in our local pound. Our local pound soley relies on Rescue to empty pens and save any animals. 

Not only does this council refuse direct adoption but those who find that their pet has ended up in the pound are hit with huge fee's with no option of a payment plan. The pound currently charges $35 a day to house animals let alone the added costs.

It has been up to to our caring community to raise funds of up to $1,300 to help owner's get their pet back otherwise they will be euthanized. Our community has rallied together well over a dozen times to help owner's.

Council do nothing to locate owner's beside a phone call if animals are microchipped. They do not advertise impounded animals on their website or Facebook page. In fact they rely solely on Volunteers to circulate impounded pictures on Volunteer rescue site and local sites. It is left to the community to circulate photo's in the hope owner's are found or to rescue groups to save the animal.

Taree can get quiet hot with Temperatures seen in the 40's during summer. There is no cooling system nor pools located at the pound and the animals suffer. With a recent death of a Sharpai under councils watch it is a timely reminder of those affected. The pound is not monitored enough especially during the hotter months to keep an eye on our companion friends and to make regular checks on their wellbeing. 

Taree pound was built approximately 40 years ago and has not seen any upgrades or extensions of pens since, given the population has risen. 

It is often seen that dogs need to be doubled up in pens as our current 10 pens are not sufficient to the amount that is impounded. This within it's self can pose risks.

Tuncurry pound falls under the same council. This pound is located at the local tip. It is managed by contract workers who work at the tip aswell. There is only a few pens and they are located inside. You can not attend looking for your pet without booking appointments prior and you can not direct adopt also. It is uncertain how often rangers attend but in November it was found that a ranger had attended and had found an impounded dog that had already been there for 4 weeks without the rangers knowing. This is poor management and break down of communication. With also a recent death of a dog (suspected tick poisoning) which it is alledged, contracted the tick after being impounded. Those who are supposed to monitor and care for the animals did not pick this up until it was too late. This is from either little supervision by staff or lack of training in picking up signs. 

Either way 2 dogs dead in last 2 weeks.

***What does the community want to see?***

-Direct Adoptions re-introduced 

-Council advertising Impounded animals on their website

-Upgrade the pounds with more pens built

-More monitoring of the pound animals-(This could be achieved by Volunteers)

-Extend opening hours (This could be achieved by Volunteers)

-A no kill pound. Every animal is treated with respect and rehomed.

- Animals deemed dangerous or Not For Sale should be properly assessed by a qualified NSW assessor to genuinely deem the animals dangerous before euthanising.

-Awareness, offering desexing/microchipping schemes for local community. Promote responsible ownership 

-Payment plan options, reductions in fee's and adoption offer for owners to ensure desexing is applied.

-Cooling system for the hotter months, even a pool (This could be achieved by Volunteers also to ensure safety)

We as a community would like to see our rates spent on ensuring that our companion animals are well looked after. We would like to see Mid Coast Council address these issues and work within the Communities expectations.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!