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Don't let them Further kill Carrickfergus

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Carrickfergus has been Dying for Many years now' High Business rates and lack of concern by the local council have successfully chased away virtually all New Businesses that have tried to Breath life into our wee town...

I am led to believe that Many Councillor's in the 70's,80's and 90's Blocked bigger shops from coming to the town in fear of their own business' going bust.
They neglected to think of their families futures and then found that their kids etc did not want to take over or work for their parents. Their pettiness backfired on them, .
If you look at other towns, where big names were allowed to open, there are still loads of small business' open and THRIVING!

Carrickfergus is a very Historical seaside town Steeped with History that dates back to 1177 and perhaps further and its castle is renowned for being loved by Hundreds of 1000s of people.... Or at least it was before the Council also killed that by taking away the fantastic Museum that it used to contain many years ago' the Castle is a fantastic place to visit and still has a steady trickle of yearly visitors... These numbers could be greatly improved by Breathing some life back into Our town.

And with that said it brings me to my main point.... Carrickfergus Council/Mid and east antrim need to get their proverbial heads out of the sand and invite new Business's and investment Opportunity to the town.

I am not a Councilor' I am not Educated and Google has to correct every second word for me' But even I know or have the feeling that if the council were to Offer a new Business 2 years free rates and a further year at Half rates, Then this would perhaps temp new Enterprises to Carrickfergus and perhaps so of the big names that where blocked in the 70's,80's and 90's.

Certain people and Council workers will not appreciate my effort and would perhaps Laugh it off as Mad..... But how mad is the currant situation whereas most of the empty shops have been turned in to cartoons and are bringing zero income and will not bring any income for the next min of 3 years! The Buildings are rotting behind them fake fronts......... Make use of them them' strip away the fake cartoon fronts and renovate.... Make them inviting for new Ideas and potential investment in Carrickfergus town center.

What is to loss by giving Business the first 2 years free and the 3rd year half price?

The Properties are earning nothing for you right now anyway!.

As new shops and Business's open the foot fall would increase dramatically

Local Hotels would benefit

Existing smaller Business's and shops would also benefit from the increased footfall

And Carrickfergus would stop Dying bit by bit


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