Vote for All 3 Mobs, Stop Minecraft Democracy. Stop the nonsense.

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It's really simple, every year they give us really cool mobs to vote on for the new update. And every year, the thing that gets voted on is the most useless mob in the game with no use. Than gets a use next update. Aren't you tired of not getting the mob you voted on in the game? Don't you think the mobs that didn't get in are happy, I bet not. Guaranteed this year the moobloom will be the winner. Why, it's minecraft, that's why. Iceologger and glowsquid really don't stand a chance.

         Also guess what, that moobloom is coming from Minecraft Earth? Like you really just couldn't add it in to all games to be nice to us and be creative for an actual 3rd new mob to vote on? You gotta just borrow from an existing game to be lazy. Sigh. Why am I not surprised.

Anyway, I am tired of every year of all these votes that eliminate mobs that could have been exciting to have in game. Let's all do our part and not vote on any mob. Or vote 100% on all mobs, not just 1. Three mobs is better than 1, right? And if we all vote on all 3 with a tie, that should show them we want all 3 mobs. If it doesn't let you vote on all 3 mobs this year, than let's not vote.

          Sign this petition if you agree. I don't know about you, but I would love to have all 3 mobs in the game.