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Halo 4 for PC

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Halo 4 for PC

Halo is a multi-billion dollar fictional video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed by 343 Industries and owned by Microsoft Studios. The series has been praised as being among the best first-person shooters on a video game console.
The opportunities can be endless if brought to PC. The game would have gorgeous graphics as well as extras that a console could not support. The scenery and visuals would be outstanding with up to date powerful graphic engines. With just these two qualities of the PC and the reputable Halo Franchise, the game would be a must-buy for PC enthusiasts.The single player campaigns have been amazing especially with the memorizing story lines each game has had. Multiplayer would be a huge part of the game. You are now be able to have up to or possibly more than 64 players in a capture the flag game.

The Halo pc community is still pretty active, and with the release of Halo 4 to PC as well could be phenomenal. Why release the first two games to the PC and not continue. If ported correctly, this game would be a top seller in the PC market. Keeping this game on console only is a huge mistake. The consoles are limited to their capabilities. PC gaming generated a record $18.6 billion in 2011. The PC community is not dying at all, however, would prosper greatly from a Halo 4 game being made for it.

Steam would be a suitable vendor. Steamworks is also user friendly and would provide a strong online infrastructure.

If you would also like to have Halo 4 on the PC, please sign the petition and spread the word.

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