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Stopping the closure of Lionhead Studios

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Lionhead Studios is a British Video Game Developer, which has made many great games. Most popularly the Fable series, which was adored by many people and was a critical point for the studios.

Unfortunately, it was recently announced that the studio was closing down due to Microsoft Studios wanting "To focus its investment and development on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and want to play". It was not a decision based upon the studio but, Microsoft is the company responsible for its closure. I am well aware that many people loved the beta for the upcoming game Fable Legends, and other games in the Fable series. Microsoft is making a big mistake in closing down this studio and I think most of us will agree. 

Fable Legends is their upcoming game, there is so much potential with this and I can see it doing very well. It was due for an open beta in Spring this year, which shows how close to being complete it was. Many people have such a positive reaction to this and the same applies to me. This game is free to play and not like many other games where it is pay-to-win. I would hate to see such great potential go to waste.

I care because as a kid I used to watch videos on a Fable game in the series thinking how amazing and unique it was. Though I have never owned a previous Fable Game just, watching the videos was well good enough for me. I was intending to put money forward to their upcoming game to show that I support them, but due to this bombshell it has been made redundant. This is very upsetting and disheartening to hear as I loved the look and story of all of the Lionhead Studios games, and would have loved to see their future games as well as Fable Legends.

Sign this petition to say no to the closure of the studio and prove to Microsoft that it is a big mistake and there is people who want to see them and their games in the future. Also, to help see the finished product of Fable Legends.

#SaveLionHead #SaveFableLegends

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