Save the bears near Yellowstone and surrounding areas

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Canada and Alaska have Grizzly numbers of approximately 50,000, whereas there is only 1,500 in the lower 48 states ( most of which are in Montana). There so called “grazing plan” will kill 72 bears over the next 10 years, which will surpass the previous “record” of bears killed in the area (37 since 1999). The establishment of a livestock grazing area in the Bridger Tenton national forest violates the endangered species act, Grizzly bears are a national treasure that deserve to be protected, not slaughtered. The grazing area is 100 miles of both Yellowstone and BTNP and bears could easily wander into this area. Not only are the places habitats of grizzly bears, but also other threatened species. Ranchers aren’t required to haul off cattle that died from other causes, only the ones that died of predation. Leaving these carcasses to rot can attract bears. We can find another way to stop the conflict between bears and livestock without slaughter !!!