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Microsoft: Release a (good) Halo 3 PC port that matches the quality of the first Halo

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Halo 3. The flagship game for the 360, the one game that everyone thinks of when they hear its name being uttered... "Halo" And people everywhere to this day still haven't played it.

Why should it come to the PC? Well the recent Steam 'fake' or whatever it was piqued interests everywhere across hundreds - potentially thousands of different websites, some small some massive. And you know what stood out?

Not a single person I saw was against it.

We understand that Microsoft wishes to keep their flagship game on their console but there's a time where that becomes redundant - Halo 3 is six years old and the Xbox 360 is pretty damn close to being phased out - so why not Microsoft? Why not breathe life into one of your most successful franchises? Revive it, make money (which we know you all love) and get your fans interested again.

I doubt there are any significant numbers buying Xbox 360s any more just for Halo 3, and in fact if they did - they'd just buy it on Ebay. So why not do something great - and release it into a new world, a world where it's made even more immortal that it currently is, a world where it never dies, even after thirteen years - the legend continues.

We don't mean to be cheeky either, but would you mind adding mod support, PC specific features (60+fps, 1080p and upwards etc) and correct keyboard mapping.

Alan Wake, Dark Souls and LA Noire were all astonishing successes on the PC - let's obliterate that with Halo 3.

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