Private Servers/Closed Sessions for Sea of Thieves

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Its happened too many times. You are just trying to enjoy the $60.00 game you purchased, working through the grind trying to collect enough gold to buy that cool new peg leg you want. Then you see a sail on the horizon. The next thing you know you are being attacked by another group of players trying to steal the chests, skulls, or livestock that you sailed from island to island to find. If you are lucky, they only kill you. If you aren't, they kill you, steal everything you've been working for hours to get, and sink your ship. Back to square one. Again.

It is understandable that people want their games to also be a social platform, but in its current state, Sea of Thieves just isn't. How can a game be a fun, social experience if the absolute worst part of it is running into other players? There is one simple solution to those players who have had enough: private servers. 

As of now, there are no private servers or closed games with friends. There is only forced multiplayer with a toxic fan base and encouraged, near mandatory griefing. Having at least the option to host private games, either alone or with friends, would greatly extend the shelf life, replayability, and overall happiness of the fans who don't enjoy the never-ending harassment of the current game.  

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