Minecraft: Java Edition should not use Microsoft/Xbox accounts

Minecraft: Java Edition should not use Microsoft/Xbox accounts

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Rick Sanchez started this petition to Microsoft and

We, the people who own at least one copy of Minecraft: Java Edition, are fed up with Microsoft and its goal of moving every Minecraft and Mojang account to their privacy-invading Microsoft/Xbox-account system.

Minecraft is a game that came out well over ten years ago, and with that much time, you tend to create quite the userbase. I, a 24-year-old game enthusiast and privacy-loving individual, do not want a Microsoft account. I bought this game in 2011, just like many other people did, and have been playing it with love and passion ever since.

Starting the 10th of March 2022, Microsoft will require Minecraft: Java Edition players to use a Microsoft account to access the game. Minecraft and Mojang-account owners can migrate their accounts over for free without much hassle; however, if you do not want a Microsoft account, lost email access or forgot your Transaction ID, you've lost access to your game.

What's so wrong?

#1: Microsoft (Big Tech) will require a Microsoft account and Xbox profile for all Minecraft: Java Editions players, which will allow Microsoft to ban accounts more easily from (certain parts of) the game, apply (more) censorship, and incite fear of a Big Tech Company watching you whilst gaming.

#2: Minecraft and Mojang accounts to which you still have access but no longer have access to the email address or Transaction ID will be useless as Microsoft can't verify who you are and thus shall not help you with your migration.

In short, this move will render a lot of accounts useless, be a fantastic way for Microsoft to gain more and more accounts and Xbox profiles (PII), and erase the last bit of privacy you had whilst playing a simple Java block game with or without your friends.

We want a game without Microsoft playing big brother.
We want a game without Community Standards enforced by a Big Tech Corp.
We want a game without Microsoft accounts and Xbox profiles.
We want a game that does what it is supposed to do, be a game, not the spy- and malware Microsoft is turning it into. 

All I can say is, sign the petition, make Microsoft reconsider or help initiate a legal battle. This whole ordeal seems like a dirty trick to get Minecraft: Java Edition players locked into their Microsoft ecosystem to gain more and more control of the gaming world, especially after the purchase of Activision by Microsoft.

I refer you to the Minecraft Help Center for information regarding migrations, bans and more: https://help.minecraft.net/hc/

Thank you, a concerned user.

24 have signed. Let’s get to 25!