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Migrate phones on Windows 10 Mobile to Android

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Windows 10 Mobile has been dropped on behalf of Microsoft. This one will no longer receive any new functionality, but only support. We would like to take advantage of our phones again with new features otherwise the latter will be obsolete.

Microsoft could launch a PC utility to reroot at least its latest models (950, 950XL, 650) and why not other builders (HP, Acer, ect ...) to Android with its own applications and launcher.

This gives Microsoft several advantages :

  • This may slow down the current hemorrhage and keep its users safe from wild rerootings that could be set up by other hackers (which sometimes integrates malware)
  • A very good gesture on the part of Microsoft to say sorry to the fans
  • An ecological gesture for the planet
  • Everyone will see that Microsoft does not let its users down

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