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Let Windows users opt out of being spied on

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 As you are probably aware, tech companies like your data. They want to know as much as possible about you so they can customize their products to fit your taste, sell it to advertising companies and share it with the NSA when they come knocking. As you may also know, Windows 10 came out with a TON of loop holes in it for Microsoft to take your data and use your computer without notifying you first(more on that later). What caused me to act was that those problems started coming to Windows 7 and 8 with updates like KB2505438, KB2670838, KB2952664, KB2976978. KB3021917, KB3035583, KB3075249 and KB3080149. I hope you will join me in Demanding that Microsoft allow users to opt out of all automatic transition of data to Microsoft, and that Microsoft clearly state that they will not share any of the data they collect with third parties without explicit consent.

Now for the details of those security concerns:

Vague policies on what Microsoft collects and who they share it with [Everything below comes from the Windows 10 user agreement]

"Finally, we will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary."

"Rather than residing as a static software program on your device, key components of Windows are cloud-based. … In order to provide this computing experience, we collect data about you, your device, and the way you use Windows."

"To enable Cortana to provide personalised experiences and relevant suggestions, Microsoft collects and uses various types of data, such as your device location, data from your calendar, the apps you use, data from your emails and text messages, who you call, your contacts and how often you interact with them on your device.

Cortana also learns about you by collecting data about how you use your device and other Microsoft services, such as your music, alarm settings, whether the lockscreen is on, what you view and purchase, your browse and Bing search history, and more." [Remember that Cortana is always listening over your mic if it is turned on]

"We may automatically check your version of the software, which is necessary to provide the Services and download software updates or configuration changes, without charging you, to update, enhance and further develop the Services, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices."

"Microsoft may share information when required by law or to respond to legal process or lawful requests, including from law enforcement or other government agencies."

"The ads we select may be based on your current location, search query, or the content you are viewing. Other ads are targeted based on your likely interests or other information that we learn about you over time using demographic data, search queries, interests and favorites, usage data, and location data."

A note on the hijacking of your computer by Microsoft

One of the new "features" of Windows 10 is that is is by default set to treat downloads of apps, updates and windows 10 itself like bit-torrent which sounds cool until you realize that they don't ask you before taking over your computer for their own purposes, slowing down your computer and eating up your data plan.


This is just an overview of the many security concerns inherent to the new(and now old) Windows. Now I recognize that problems like these exist in Apple and google Google products and all the rest, but for me the buck stops here.

Again the Demand is that Microsoft allow users to opt out of all automatic transition of data to Microsoft, and that Microsoft clearly state that they will not share any of the data they collect with third parties without explicit consent.


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