Fix Forza Horizon 3 or issue refunds!

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Forza Horizon 3 sold over 300,000 copies in the first week of its release. It has been out now for nearly 4 months for PC and Xbox but continues to plague users with issues on both systems, while Microsoft support refuses refunds and Turn 10 Studios has put forth minimum efforts to fix the many problems at hand. You can head on over to the Horizon 3 section at the Forza Forums to see the sheer amount of problems that persist, and some that have became worse with the latest updates. Some topics have even been locked/closed without legitimate answer.

Promised wheel support- First off, Force Feed Back is almost non-existent or just plain wrong. There is no feel to the weight of each vehicle in the game. Going off road, switching to tarmac or street driving have no difference in the effects of steering wheels. Vibration is overpowered and its virtually impossible to feel oversteer. The steering wheel feels like it is dead despite tinkering with ingame settings. PC users are unable to set wheel rotation. While telemetry in-game shows steering wheel to be at full lock, the wheels of the vehicle do not reach full lock unless you are at a complete stand still. Steering wheel users are forced to set "required" buttons in order to at least use the wheel in game thus leaving no ability to set buttons for functions the users actually need. Custom wheel setups do not work at all and inputs are not recognized by the game. Only combined setups (Wheel and pedal inputs) are recognized.  

Poor Performance on PC version- Like myself, many users have very powerful machines that exceed the original minimum specifications for Horizon 3, that allow users to be able to run other games at Ultra settings without a problem. The PC version does not utilize the CPU correctly with most players seeing a peak of 40-50% CPU usages. PC systems are seeing a 3.8GB Vram usage on lowest settings and crashing when attempting to play at a 4k resolution. Various forum posts attempt to resolve the continuous frame drops that make this title unplayable. Most machines attempting to run Horizon 3 are more capable of that than the Xbox One leading many to believe this is the result of bad port issues. Despite Turn10 minimal efforts, previous updates have rendered users with a game that performs up to 40% less, or not at all by crashing at start up. Players have resorted to minimum settings to lock the game in at 30 FPS while most struggle to achieve a steady 60 FPS and those that are able to achieve 60+ FPS are rewarded with constant micro stutter making it impossible to sense vehicle speed.

In Game Bugs- Reports from both Xbox and PC users of lost credits in the auction house after the game claims to lose connection from the internet despite steady network activity on said networks. Both platforms contain issues of achievements not being rewarded. Forzathon rewards included. Festival expansions get skipped and force users to rack up even more fans in order to level up the festival sites. It seems latest updates have caused more issues for PC and Console players. 


While the basic version of the game retails around $60 USD, users must chuck out $100+ for the ultimate edition which does not include the expansions ($34.99 for the expansion pass). How could Microsoft allow an unfinished bug ridden game to be released for such a steep price? Surely the Forza community is not happy with the end results. 


I for one love the Forza franchise and have been playing since the early Forza 4 days. Id much rather see the game get fixed than receive a refund, but with the astronomical price tag of Forza Horizon 3 and all of its content, we all would expect a finished working product.

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