Convince Microsoft to add a gyroscope to the Xbox series X controller

Convince Microsoft to add a gyroscope to the Xbox series X controller

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The addition of a gyroscope to the Xbox series x controller would only be a benefit to the system. A new type of controller input for shooters is gyro aiming. Moving the controller in order to aim. A large amount of people prefer to use motion aiming in games. It is shown from many tests that gyro aiming is better for aiming in a game then using the thumbsticks alone.

The addition of a gyroscope would encourage developers to put in motion aiming as an option. Notice that it was mentioned as it being an option because there are some people that can't use it. But if it's included as an option, then everyone is happy. Many switch users beg for games that don't have motion aiming to add it in a future patch

Also for PC users, they would want to find a new controller to buy. The Steam, Switch Pro and PS4 controller have a gyroscope. Steam allows users to add gyro aiming to games that never had it in the first place. The only controller that doesn't have gyro in this generation is the Xbox One controller. It is commonly refered as the most comfortable controller, but the lack of a gyroscope stops users from buying it. PC users would have more reason to buy it. It's a better reason then "It's the same controller, but with a different dpad". If the xbox one controller doesn't have a gyroscope, then people would just buy an xbox one contoller

The main reason why shooters on the PS4 don't have the option to use gyro aiming is because not enough people don't know that the ps4 is capable of using it, developers not knowing that there are a large amount of PS4 users that want gyro aiming

If the next generation has every controller have a gyroscope, then the it would encourage developers to add gyro aiming as an option in games