Continue Updating Minecraft Console Edition

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Many gamers have been playing Minecraft for years, with the release of Minecraft Xbox One Edition on September 5, 2014, many Xbox 360 players switched over to the console. As well as Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition coming out on May 11, 2017, The new Switch Edition was a port of the Wii U edition. With the Xbox One edition being out for just under three years and the Switch edition being out for less than four months, they are both being discounted. Why? Because Microsoft had another version of Minecraft, Minecraft Pocket Edition or MCPE. MCPE was the mobile version of Minecraft, as MCPE is the best selling version of Minecraft -With over 50 Million Copies sold- they decided to put it on Windows 10 with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, and those two versions could play together with cross play across devices. Now at that point, there were 6 Console versions with a 7th coming in a couple months, many console players wanted to play with their friends on different platforms, they also wanted Realms -Which the PE version already had- so Mojang had made a new engine dubbed Bedrock to run on Xbox One, Switch, and PS4. The PS4 version never came because Sony declined to Minecraft Bedrock Edition being on the PS4. So that left Xbox One and Switch, they want people to switch over, but the majority of people I have heard from said that they don't like MCPE as much and they didn't want to switch to it. The new Better Together Update coming out in August to September will be the new Minecraft. But that's not all! Since Microsoft wants people to switch so bad, there stopping the development of Xbox One Edition and Switch Edition to force people to switch to Minecraft Bedrock.


As you might guess this is bad, but if you go onto and read the FAQ you might think this is all good but you are also losing lots of things Mini-Game updates will no longer be updates the same as 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and Wii U. Mini-games are very important as they are console exclusive. 

Also, No more Minecart with Furnace :(

This could effect Millions of players in the Minecraft Community, even if you don't play Minecraft or aren't on those platforms you should still sign this for the others that are. Even if you like Bedrock edition you should still sign this to get updates to Mini-Games.

If we lose, Eventually all Minecraft Console Editions will be shut down and it will just be MCPE.

UPDATE: WE LOST :( The only platform that is getting updates is PlayStation 4 which will be killed soon.

For more info, I would recommend you check out ibxtoycat's video:

Thank you for reading this.