Microsoft and Linkedin must stop supporting the occupation of Ukraine by Russia

Microsoft and Linkedin must stop supporting the occupation of Ukraine by Russia

13 мая 2022 г.
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Почему эта петиция важна

Автор: Larysa Goroshanska

When a massive number of companies closed their business in Russia, Microsoft decided to make bloody money there. It looks like any reputation risks are admissible for them, if they get money from selling Linkedin Premium Subscriptions for the users from Russia.
Even more, now Microsoft helped and is helping Russia in the information war. How do they do it? Pretty successfully with the Linkedin network.

1. Linkedin moderators block the posts of Ukrainian users about the war in Ukraine. Your relatives were killed by Russian soldiers? You wife and kids were raped by them? Your house was bombed by Russia? 
Well, we don't care, you can't say about it because of our Policies.
2. A lot of the accounts of Ukrainians are blocked not only because of posts about the war. If you are Ukrainian, you will be permanently blocked even because of somebody's comment under your post.
3. When there are neither posts, nor comments, Ukrainian accounts with a big amount of connections are just downgraded. 
It allows Linkedin to disturb communications between Ukrainians and their foreign colleagues. This way the messages about killed civilians in Bucha and Mariupol become invisible for the users from Europe and the USA.
4. The most interesting moment is that the Linkedin moderators are from Russia. They block all the posts about the war from Ukrainian users and "don't see" any Policies violations in the aggressive posts from Russian users.
What exactly does it mean? When the Ukrainian recruiter writes that they won't work with the candidates from Russia anymore, the Linkedin moderators block the account of such a recruiter. And this is the permanent account restriction of course. 
At the same time, when Russian users urge to bomb Ukrainian cities and to kill every Ukrainian child, the Linkedin moderators don't see any Policies violations. 
Yes, currently being Ukrainian only violates the Linkedin Policies and nothing else.

In such terrible situation it is time for Microsoft: 
- to express their official position about the war in Ukraine
- to explain why the Linkedin moderators from the Russia moderate the content about the Russian occupation of Ukraine
- to explain whe the Linkedin supports Russia in the information war against Ukraine
- finally to check again all the blocked accounts of Ukranian users


Подписей: 896Следующая цель: 1 000