#Michigan53 dogfighting victims neglected & killed under care of Ingham Co. Animal Control

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HELP, we need your support in making sure that no dogs are ever subjected to neglect and abuse at the hands of the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter leadership ever again.

Sign this petition to call for the termination or resignation of the Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon, Deputy Director Anne Burns, and Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Worthington.

Click to view the Michigan Humane Society investigation report of Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter. *Warning the photos in the report are very disturbing* 

We’d like to call the victims of the #Michigan53 dog fighting bust survivors, but unfortunately some of them were never given the chance, and were subjected to further suffering at the hands of the Ingham County Animal Control.

A report conducted by the Michigan Humane Society dated May 10, 2018 details the needless suffering that four of the #Michigan53 dogs were forced to endure before two were euthanized. Due to insufficient records it is unclear what happened to the other two dogs from the #Michigan53.

Dreamville and JayJay, were the two #Michigan53 dogs that were killed, but not before enduring terrible suffering caused by the negligence of the Ingham County Animal Control.

Two Puppies from the #Michigan53, Skully and Jonah, and one other dog admitted shortly after them, Bebe, were all subjected to neglect and abuse during their time at the Ingham Shelter.

The Michigan Humane Society report detailed that the dogs all suffered various untreated illnesses, causing significant weight loss and leaving them emaciated. The Michigan Humane Society cites in their report that the dogs’ suffering was unnecessarily prolonged due to the Ingham County Animal Control’s failure to properly care for the dogs.

Below are factors taken directly from the report by the Michigan Humane Society that contributed to the suffering and neglect of the animals listed above at the hands of the Ingham County Animal Control:

  • No written procedure for monitoring long term court cases. 
  • No written procedure for documenting weight gain in failure to provide food and water cases. 
  • Medical records that are incomplete or kept in multiple locations for a single animal. As a result there is no complete medical record that contains observation, weights and treatments for an individual animal. A defined policy for the maintenance of medical records would assist in the review of an animal's medical status and aid in calculating restitution. 
  • No maintenance plan to control internal parasites in long term holds 
  • The use of an in house body condition scoring system in conjunction with the use of nationally recognized scoring systems being used by outside veterinarians. 
  • No training for ACOs and Animal Care Staff in the use of an agreed on body condition scoring system. 
  • Lack of open communication between departments. 
  • Lack of training for medical staff in regards to shelter medicine, processing cruelty cases, animal fighting cases and supervisory responsibilities 
  • Supervising veterinarians that perform surgery often lack the ability to be on the floor supervising and attending to daily animal care and are required to rely on staff to perform those duties. 
  • No system in place that requires ACOs to monitor the status of their animals as evidence 
  • Inconsistent diet of donated food provided to long term holds and cruelty weight gains leading potentially causing digestive upset and diarrhea 
  • In adequate staff to handle large scale impounds 
  • Lack of oversight and monitoring on the part of upper management 
  • Lack of awareness and response by the Director to address critical issues concerning the health and well being of the animals in the shelter in a timely manner.

It's illegal in Michigan to neglect animals by not giving them enough food, water, shelter, sanitary conditions, exercise, and veterinary care to maintain good health. Animal abuse is a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the level of cruelty, and the number of animals involved.

Additionally Ingham County has a zero tolerance policy for cruelty and neglect.

Based on the law stated above, the Ingham County Animal Control is guilty of a felony for failure to provide proper care resulting in suffering and neglect not once, but in five cases.

We cannot let Ingham County Animal Control go unchecked and allow what happened to poor Dreamville, JayJay, Skully, Jonah and Bebe happen to any other animals that wind up in their care.

It is obvious that the Ingham County Animal Control’s pattern of behavior detailed in the report by the Michigan Humane Society calls for a change in leadership. It is time for current leadership, including Director John Dinon, Deputy Director Anne Burns and Shelter Veterinary, Dr. Worthington, be fired or resign. They should be ashamed of the conditions and needless suffering that these dogs were forced to endure while in their care.

Their suffering was for no other reason than the negligence of this taxpayer funded agency, which means that Ingham County residents were paying the leadership of the Ingham County Animal Control to neglect these poor dogs and ultimately break the law that they themselves are meant to enforce.

Please sign this petition in support of removing current leadership from the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter so that this never happens to innocent, helpless animals ever again.

Visit www.savethemipits.org for more ways to help, and for a copy of the report conducted by the Michigan Humane Society.