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Michigan: Tell Governor Rick Snyder NO to political paybacks


Just like in Wisconsin, newly elected Republican governors and state legislatures in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida -- and yes, here in Michigan -- came into office with two words on their lips: “Thank You!” 

Governor Snyder and these Republican legislators aren’t, however, thanking the voters. 

They are saying thank you to the corporate CEOs who spent millions getting them elected.

Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin showed us what these fights really are about. 

Republicans aren't fighting about budget cuts or the economy. They are fighting to deliver political payback for CEO campaign contributions. They are fighting to strip power from union workers and the middle class. They are fighting to ensure the balance of power benefits the haves, and not the have-nots.

While this fight might have started in Wisconsin, it’s not ending there. Governor Snyder and Republican governors and lawmakers across the country are following Walker’s lead. They are using threats of budget cuts to take power away from the middle class. 

Fight back by sending Governor Snyder a message. Say no to political payback, and say yes to a strong middle class.

Letter to
Michigan Governor
As a Michigan citizen and voter, I’m writing to say that in this time of economic struggles, we need to focus on creating jobs and strengthening the middle class rather than providing political paybacks to the CEOs that bankrolled your campaign.

As a supporter of Working America, I believe that all working people deserve the opportunity for a good job, affordable health care, secure retirement and quality public education.

When you look at options to move our state forward, don’t look to Wisconsin’s governor as a leader. Governor Walker made it clear he is more interested in representing wealthy CEOs and the Koch brothers than his own constituents.

Look for ways to create good jobs, not ways to punish our teachers, firefighters, police and other public service workers who make our state great.

We need balance in government, not political payback.