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Petitioning Michigan Supreme Court

Put collective bargaining on the ballot for a fair vote.


Nearly 700,000 Michigan citizens signed a petition to put the right to collectively bargain on the November ballot for a vote of the people. The petition was approved by the State Board of Canvassers in March.  Now corporate special interests are attempting to silence the voice of working people by not even allowing a chance to vote on this important issue.

Working families played by the rules and met all legal requirements.  The constitution is the people’s document and we have a right to petition to amend it. 

By placing my name on this petition, I formally request that the Supreme Court do the right thing and let the people exercise their democratic right to vote.


Letter to
Michigan Supreme Court
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Michigan Citizens.

Make sure collective bargaining is put on the ballot for a fair vote.

Working people are facing cut after cut to their wages, health care benefits, retirement security and safety protections. The best way to fight these cuts is to protect the right of every worker to unite with one strong voice! We can't let corporate special interests from hold our judges hostage. We deserve a chance to vote!


Protect Our Jobs

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