Demand MSU Dismiss Mark Geahan and Hold All Employees Accountable for Racism

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On May 31, 2020, Michigan State University employee Mark Geahan used Facebook to go on a racist rant against the Black community. This rant included clear threats of violence - which is a criminal offense - yet Geahan (a White male) has yet to be held accountable.

Geahan's first post on May 31st read, "Why do I want to kill these uncivilized chimps? You tell me!" Over the next 11 days, Geahan continued posting hateful messages, including a June 3rd public statement of, "No white guilt here! Never did anything to you! Bout to though!" with a location tag of "White Lives Matter."

Concerned community members reported the threats to MSU on June 14th, who ignored them and stayed silent. Three days later, Geahan's posts and the call for MSU to take action began to trend on social media. Only then did MSU open an investigation and temporarily suspend Geahan. Nothing else has been done.

Suspension isn't enough. Geahan still works for and represents MSU. He is still associated with an institution who is currently mailing out flyers to incoming freshmen that read, "Hate has no home here." But that is a lie.

MSU: When this man returns to work, what is stopping him from repeating the same behavior? From escalating his violent threats into action? We, as a community, are calling on you to remove this man from MSU. To practice what you preach. You aren't anti-racist until you stop supporting racism.

Stop protecting him. Start protecting your Black students.

Your silence is violence.

Fire Mark Geahan. Now. And put systems into place to hold future racist and violent employees accountable.