Right to Repair in Michigan

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Right to Repair affects everyone, from farmers who work with tractors and combine harvesters to the mechanics that fix cars and trucks. It's up to the manufacturers to disclose device schematics, diagnostic equipment, and replacement parts to all that request it,

For too long large corporations are monopolizing their repair industry by using various forms of devious (and sometimes illegal) techniques. Techniques such as "warranty void if removed stickers" or embedded software causing electronics to malfunction are only some of the ways corporation can direct consumers back towards them.

I ask you, a citizen to tell your story about how R2R could affect you. I also want to lend a hand to small businesses who work hard every day providing quality services at reasonable prices. With everyone involved, we together can make a difference.

Other Resources: repair.org

Contact: right2repairmichigan@gmail.com

Picture: iFixit.com