Impeach Michigan Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat or have them Resign

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Recently, Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser (R D-82) along with Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R D-80) have become the blunt of state and national news outlets by new disclosures about a possible sex scandal which Courser most of all has handled very unprofessionally.

While currently under investigation for allegedly using public funds to hide his martial affair with Rep. named Cindy Gamrat, he created a false rumor to detour investigators which however has brought more attention to the investigation. The rumor was sent out in May to Republican e-mail subscribers from his office pretending to be a tabloid e-mail claiming that he had an affair with a gay male prostitute.

As for Gamrat, she claims that she had nothing to do with the e-mail but said in a recent statement that she has "made poor decisions in her personal life and takes full responsibility for hurting her husband and three children but did nothing wrong in her official capacity as a lawmaker" as she feels that "an open and honest investigation will vindicate her". However, we petitioners feel she participated in the affair and scandal, so this would make her unfit to remain in a political office.

Currently, neither has resigned as Courser claims that the e-mail was only sent to stop "blackmailers" that want him to resign over the affair allegations. However, the way he handled the situation in relation by this e-mail gives good reason as to why they should be forced to resign or impeached from the Michigan legislature.

We hearby ask that they do so or the house takes action against them as a result of the investigations or a dismissal due to public outcry.

Another request would be for Todd Courser to be disbarred as a Michigan lawyer and have his office Todd A. Courser & Associates closed.

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