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Michigan, stop the attack on rooftop solar

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Most people believe in freedom and choice when it comes to rooftop solar systems.  If someone chooses to invest their hard earned money on clean energy technology, it should not only be allowed, but encouraged.  Grid tied system owners pay all the access fees on their monthly bills for grid usage that everyone else does already, so the very argument for Senate Bill 438 is a moot point.  If anything, grid tied solar systems help utilities cut costs by providing more power during peak usage times and helping them meet clean energy requirements.  This doesn't even factor in the fact that clean, renewable energy also benefits EVERYONE, not just the solar system owner.  

Apparently, the state of Michigan disagrees with freedom and clean energy.  Senate Bill 438 unfairly attacks rooftop solar system owners and cuts off almost all the benefits of investing in a system.  This protects the monopolies and the power companies who donate to the politicians of course, but it effectively creates a disincentive for a clean, renewable energy option and attacks individual freedoms and hurts our environment.  It also hurts the growing solar industry in our state, and would cost many good local jobs. 

This is not just an environmental issue though.  According to conservative Barry Goldwater Jr.:  "Some conservatives have lost their way when it comes to renewable energy, and especially rooftop solar projects.

'The question always is: Why would a conservative Republican be supporting rooftop solar?  Why not?  It is a good, clean source of energy.  It comes from the sun, so it is renewable,' he said.

But from a conservative standpoint, Goldwater believes rooftop solar is an expression of individuality, freedom and liberty.

'The genius of our founding fathers is their support of individual interest,' Goldwater said.  'We advocate as much freedom from government, from taxes as possible.  Solar energy fits in with that philosophy.'"

We ask the state of Michigan to reject this attack on our freedom.  The right for individuals to invest in clean, renewable energy systems is not a progressive or a conservative issue.  Senate Bill 438 is nothing short of cronyism, will hurt Michigan jobs, hurt our environment, and unfairly penalize individuals who invested in solar technology.  We expect our elected officials to vote against it! 

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