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Michigan's NRC and DNR: Evaluate the need for a hunting season in Michigan at least five years following the implementation of the Wolf Management Plan

There is no scientific evidence or peer reviewed research that indicates the need for a recreational wolf hunting season in Michigan.

Letter to
Natural Resources Commission John Matonich
Natural Resources Commission J. R. Richardson
Natural Resources Commission Debbie Whipple
and 4 others
Great Lakes Regional Director Nancy Warren
Director of Education Diane Bentivegna
DNR Director Keith Creagh
Wildlife Division Russ Mason
While Public Act 520 of 2012 was signed into law, it only mandates that the wolf be designated a game animal. The Natural Resource Commission and the DNR, by law, must utilize principles of sound scientific management in making decisions regarding the taking of game.

Chapter 6.12.1 of the Wolf Management Plan states that reducing wolf numbers in areas with a high density of wolves will be considered when it is determined that problems could not be resolved through non-lethal or individual lethal methods. But the plan also states that a situation of this type has not occurred in Michigan.

No wolf has threatened or harmed anyone in Michigan. Further, DNR has the authority to remove wolves that have become habituated to people, further minimizing any potential risk to humans.

DNR has the authority to remove wolves responsible for depredation as well as issue landowner permits. Both livestock producers and dog owners have the authority to kill a wolf in the act of attacking their livestock or dog. Funding is available for non-lethal measures to minimize depredations.

Human tolerance towards wolves has not improved in any state where wolf hunting is allowed.

There is no evidence that wolves are decimating deer populations. By eliminating the sick, injured, weak, strengthen the deer herd. Research indicates wolves may eliminate diseases such as CWD.

The need to manage wolves is self created and self justifying and is merely an excuse to kill wolves. Research shows that wolves self-regulate by prey availability and pack interactions.

There is no scientific evidence or peer reviewed research that indicates the need for a recreational wolf hunting season.

The Wolf Management Plan must be given time to work. We need to evaluate the impact of lethal control will have pack dynamics and population growth. We also need to determine the role hunting of wolves from neighboring states will have on immigration of wolves into Michigan.

With only 700 wolves in the U.P., the population is still fragile. A wolf hunting season is not necessary at this time and I urge you to delay any action for at least five years.

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