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Michigan: Prevent prolonged suffering of confined farm animals

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Seven years ago, the Michigan legislature became the first in the nation to pass a law phasing out the most extreme methods of confinement of calves, pigs and egg-laying hens in inhumane veal crates, gestation crates and battery cages. The law stipulated a lengthy 10-year phase out process that was part of the agreed-upon compromise between all parties in order to enact the law.

Now, the agribusiness lobby is trying to extend the time frame for the phase out of battery cages by an additional five long years, without consent from the other parties.

Unilaterally attempting to circumvent a previous multi-stakeholder agreement erodes trust in the legislative process and discourages stakeholders from working to achieve common ground. Ten years is plenty of time to phase out the practice of confining Michigan’s egg-laying hens in cages so small they can’t even extend their wings. HB 5987 would unnecessarily extend their suffering -- these animals need your help.


After signing the petition, please contact both your state senator and state representative today and urge them to speak out against this bill. Look up your legislators' phone numbers. You can say: "I'm your constituent. Please oppose HB 5987 which would prolong the suffering of egg-laying hens in extreme confinement in Michigan."

After your call, use the form below to send a follow-up message. Editing your message will help it stand out.

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