Lilliana's Law – Eliminating Dangerous Equipment from Education Spaces

Lilliana's Law – Eliminating Dangerous Equipment from Education Spaces

December 9, 2018
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Michigan House of Representatives Education Committee
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Why this petition matters

Started by Taby Kerr

Lilliana's Law

Our children do not have the right to a SAFE education. My name is Tabatha Kerr. I started this petition shortly after losing my daughter Lilliana after a recalled cafeteria table fell on her at school while she was sitting on the floor playing with a ball on January 20, 2017.

I've made it my mission to fight for yearly school inspections to prevent childhood injury and death in the state of Michigan ever since. It's been a while since I have updated everyone through this journey, so here it goes.

I'm potentially on my fourth attempt at the fight for Lilliana's Law, and I need your help once again to urge our legislators that our children should have the right to come home after school in the same condition, if not better. This is an urgent public health and safety matter. But unfortunately, Michigan does not mandate yearly school inspections, which, left ignored, could lead to devastating consequences.

THE GOOD: I've met some of the most inspiring families who understand what it's like to lose a third of your family's present and future because of the lack of integrity of current policies in our education system, supporters who have met me at the capitol or collecting petitions, people who like you have gotten 6,896 signatures and counting (impressive), my friends from the National Parents Union, and the support of my children, family, and friends, all of which I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. I'm honestly forever grateful.

THE BAD: during this journey, our children's safety is opposed by Michigan's department of health and human services, the department of education, The Michigan Association of School Boards, Superintendents, the association of secondary principals, and most state representatives during my three attempts.

THE UGLY: This is where it gets dire and requires everyone's attention; our school infrastructure throughout MI, the U.S, and territories are graded D+ without needs and conditions and no complete database that counts and analyzes our children's injuries and deaths, whether from infrastructure, disease, or violence+ related injuries and deaths classified as "Never Events" in the education system.
There's no such thing as a kid OSHA in the second-largest infrastructure sector in the United States.

Unfortunately, due to our school's poor infrastructure, it has an unknown future by 2026, nationwide.

This has been limiting our capabilities for preventative measures. Yearly school inspections would be a great start to finding solutions by addressing the cause-and-effect relationship between infrastructure and child-related
injuries and deaths involving the education system.

Too often have I read a cookie-cutter statement saying, "MOST OF OUR SCHOOLS ARE SAFE," when a child is injured or killed in their school regardless of cause. Now is the time to prove it. A zero-tolerance policy governs our children in the education system, but when said child is injured or killed, it's 100% TOLERATED until now.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition. NEVER AGAIN will a child face a traumatic injury or death on school property.

"The Book," as I call it, outlines childhood injury and death education system using previous Lilliana's Law bill packages, research articles, newspaper articles, and more that can and should be used at a local, state, and federal level to help find solutions to prevent a broad scope of tragedies.
This book was used during my last testimony at the Lansing, fighting for yearly school inspections to prevent childhood injuries and death on March 23, 2021

ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) National School infrastructure grade. The link will also provide
statewide reports

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Signatures: 32,236Next Goal: 35,000
Support now

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