Protect the Michigan Transgender Community

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Protect the Michigan Transgender Community

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Recently, the inclusive policy of Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan has been challenged by people uninformed about the nature of gender identity and the need for transgender people to be protected under the law.  Currently, Michigan state nondiscrimination laws do not protect people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.  By supporting the following petition written by members and allies of the transgender community of Mid-Michigan, you will tell our legislators that all people matter.

Transgender Allies Call for Action in Midland

Each of us is a person with unique identities, regardless of labels others assign to us. And our identity is ours and no one else's. Whatever we think we learned in school, whatever society tells us to believe, we are the owners of our identity.

After World War II, science denounced the idea of “race” as a corrupt and bankrupt myth. In spite of overwhelming evidence, some people continue to discriminate against others based on skin color, country of origin, and culture.

The same can be said of “gender.” Just as we are not solely defined by external physical characteristics, like skin color or our facial features, we are not defined solely by genetics and biology.  We define ourselves by the complete package of our identity.

"Gender" is a social myth based on outdated science and unsubstantiated folklore. And like race, some people use gender to discriminate and to unjustly institutionalize behavioral expectations, standards of acceptable physical appearance, legal protections, and basic human rights.

Today, the social myth of gender perpetuates an especially dangerous stigma regarding transgender individuals, whose gender identity is not congruent with their assigned sex at birth. Therefore, a person who thinks and lives as a woman, but was categorized at birth as male, faces undeserved prejudice from people who use the gender myth as an excuse to brand them as outcasts, as a threat to others. The reality is quite the opposite, as it is transgender people who face unspeakable harassment, violence, even murder.

The recent events at the Midland Planet Fitness display the hysteria that can occur when people steeped in the gender myth jump to unjust conclusions about transgender people. The time has come for gender identity bias to end.

We, as members and allies of the transgender community, call for:

• honoring the rights of transgender persons to live the gender identity of their choice without persecution;
• educating everyone on the nature of the social myth of gender and the biological reality of sexual attributes;
• supporting businesses and organizations with inclusive policies that support individual's gender identity;
• encouraging religious organizations to view all people as children of God (by whatever name you use), deserving of respect and love;
• rejecting the baseless narrative that sexual predators will exploit transgender non-discrimination laws to harm women; and
• codifying gender identity in all nondiscrimination laws and ordinances.

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This petition had 335 supporters

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