Justice for Sterling

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Two year old dog, Sterling was stabbed to death and left to die by Alexander Gerth - who is now being charged.

 We, citizens of Michigan, realize this may/may not have occurred in your district; however it is reflective of a state-wide issue.  We are contacting you because one life lost, one life abused is too many. We are reaching out to you, my representative, to amend THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931, SECTION 750.50b. We are pushing for an amendment that creates an animal cruelty registry (the Sterling Amendment). This registry would create a state level database of those have been charged and sentenced with a crime as outlined in the law above, and the amended portion that goes into affect March 2019.

According to the Michigan State Police, reports of animal cruelty is on the rise. According to Michigan State Police Quality Assurance report, animal cruelty rose 575% statewide between 2016-2017. This is an issue that must be addressed and considered a priority. The lives of animals should not be considered partisan, while funding may be issue in state government, I would again remind your colleagues that a 575% increase in this crime makes aggressively addressing animal cruelty a high priority for 2019.

Animals do not have a voice; it is the job of humans and the state to create a protected life that ensures safety and a place to thrive. An animal that is surrendered and then adopted should be ensured, to the highest degree possible, that it's new home is loving and safe. This was not the case for Sterling. Sterling was adopted through already existing shelter loopholes, he was then stabbed, and left to bleed out and freeze in a park. 

We can do better for animals. Michigan can do better for animals. Please propose the Sterling Amendment to create a registry of animal cruelty offenders to ensure the welfare, protection, safety and quality of life for animals.