Covid 19 Michigan school closing - 2 weeks at a time

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We are petitioning the Michigan governor, state representatives and senators to not cancel school for the rest of the year at this point in time. 

We propose to wait until the week of April 13th, assess the situation, and then determine the direction for the next two weeks.  A new assessment and determination on how to proceed should occur every two weeks until the normal end of the school year in mid June.

It is entirely possible that school will be canceled for the rest of the year, but by operating this way we can make the appropriate decisions with the most up to date information.  We simply don’t know at this time if cancellation is needed for the rest of the year. 

A blanket cancelation at this point in time will impact the communities’ spirit and sense of hope.  For the mental health of the communities and mental health of students please assess the school closure two weeks at a time, similar to what other states are doing.