Bring Back Michigan Winter Sports

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Once again, winter sports have been suspended in Michigan. With only a month left before spring sports start, this means that the winter season will be completely taken away. Most high schoolers depend on these winter sports not only for exercise and wellness, but also for social interaction. For some, this season is their last opportunity to play the sport they love. Restaurants are allowed to open, along with concessions being able to resume at casinos, movie theaters, and even stadiums. These activities are far more dangerous than contact sports because they cannot be done while wearing a mask. Winter sports can be done while wearing a mask, making these activities far less dangerous. As for the seniors, our season was taken away abruptly last year, and now our final season has been completely taken away this year. Governor Whitmer, we know you have a daughter who plays hockey. Ask her how she would feel. #Bringbackwintersports #Letusplay