Confirmed victory
Petitioning Michigan State House and 2 others

Amendment to MCL 750.224b to allow for possession of SBR/SBS.


We just won one with supressors, now it's time to restore all of our rights.  This may be more of an uphill battle being that we have to get new legislation introduced but given the power we have I believe we can get it done.


Read what we are asking of the legislature under the "petition letter" section and be sure to sign and share this petition so that we can restore all the 2nd amendment rights of Michigan citizens.


This petition when signed will email your elected representatives and ask them to sponsor legislation to change MCL 750.224b.

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Letter to
Michigan State House
Michigan State Senate
Michigan Governor
We the residents of the State of Michigan and your constituents request that you restore the 2nd Amendment rights of Michigan citizens. Of all these United States, only 10 expressly prohibit the ownership of short-barreled rifles and short-barreled shotguns (hereto referred to as SBR/SBS). The other 40 states in our union have found it applicable to defer to the federal government in regulation of these items, either by expressly having no laws regarding SBR/SBS or by deferring to NFA registration as satisfying state requirements.

These 40 states do not have rampant crime and murder rates because the lawful people of these states that go out of their way to follow the law do not risk their liberties by engaging in unlawful behavior. By restricting the citizens of Michigan the law is only serving to remove the rights of already law-abiding citizens unfairly and unjustly.

Constitutional rights are not negotiable and should only be considered for limitation in the face of clear and imminent need for public safety. Clearly such a need does not exist as the other 40 states in our country do not have issues with their law-abiding citizens possessing these weapons. These weapons are rightfully and constitutionally allowed under federal law and so should they be under Michigan law.

We the signed petitioners request that our duly elected state representatives introduce and sponsor legislation to modify MCL 750.224b Subsection 3 to include a provision similar to laws in other states that allows for civilians ownership. Such as that of Florida law 790.221, "which are lawfully owned and possessed under provisions of federal law", or such wording as you see fit to alleviate any ambiguity regarding the legality of SBR/SBS in Michigan while in compliance with federal regulations.

[MCL 750.224b] -

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