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Michigan DNR, Stop the Mass Killing of our Wolves!

Michigan wolf populations were at near extinction and have managed to once again thrive where they once roamed before humans settled the area and killed them off in masses over fear of this beautiful preditory animal. It has taken many years for them to even get back to the numbers for a healthy wolf population only to have local citizens where the packs roam throw a fit about their pets they let roam unattended being in danger. Local farmers who leave their cattle out all night also are requesting these wolves be killed off completely. We do not need to play God and control any wildlife population unless it is to help them survive. There have been a total of 8 wolves killed already in 2012 and it needs to stop.  These wolves naturally keep things in balance like deer populations which we also believe is our responsibility to control. Leave our wolves alone and stop these mass killings NOW!

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DNR State of Michigan, DNR
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Stop the killing of our wolves

Michigan wolf population has finally gotten back to the healthy populations that once roamed these lands long before humans settled here in Michigan and killed off nearly all wildlife in site. The destruction of habitat and mass killing of wildlife left wolf populations at very low numbers and near extinction because of the fear associated with this natural predator. Wolves help naturally keep down deer populations and should be left alone. We are not God or Mother Nature so therefore it is not our job to control the population by more mass killings because people can't keep their pets in their sight at all times, letting them roam and be killed by a wolf doing what they naturally do.


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