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Hunting of Coyote at night with centerfire rifle in all zones

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The number of animals wounded from innadequate fire power with rimfires will be reduced.
If poaching deer is an issue after dark. It is the individual shooting the firearm that is the problem not the caliber of the firearm.
By allowing centerfire rifles after dark it simplifies the rule book. There is a lot of confusion as to what firearm can be used as well as what ammunition for that firearm can be used.
As far as shotgun ammunition goes if the state realizes that the ammuniton used is not the threat to deer after dark, it is also the individual. By regulating the ammunition that can be used does not stop an individual from poaching.
Ultimately if a person chooses to make an illegal act with a firearm. It should be the act of committing the illegal action that incriminates them. And for law biding citizens the caliber of firearm or type of ammunition does not tempt or lure them into committing a illegal act.

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