Adopt the Humane Pet Acquisition Ordinance

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Puppy mills are a national concern. In the United States more than 260 cities and 2 states have enacted laws addressing the sale of puppy and kitten mill dogs and cats.

Please adopt “The Humane Pet Acquisition Ordinance”, a model ordinance tailored for Michigan municipalities that would prohibit the retail sale of cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, long-lived birds and large reptiles. 

Such an ordinance will help protect animals from inhumane conditions in commercial breeding facilities and stores, help reduce the number of healthy animals surrendered to local animal shelters and animal groups, reduce the financial burden experienced by local animal control organizations, and reduce the financial and emotional strain often experienced by unsuspecting citizens who unknowingly purchase animals that were bred in commercial animal breeding facilities.

Across the country, thousands of independent pet stores, as well as, large chains operate profitably with a business model focused on the sale of pet services and supplies and not on the sale of dogs and cats. Many of these stores collaborate with local animal shelter and rescue organizations to offer space and support for showcasing adoptable homeless pets on their premises. In 2012, more than 100 Michigan pet supply stores took a pledge to not sell canines or felines.

This will foster a more humane environment in your community and protect unsuspecting families from irresponsible pet retailers.