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Change our state song

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Dear Michigan Government,
This petition asks that the song "Michigan, My Michigan" is changed to an official state song.  Our current song, "My Michigan" is not readily available to teachers in the state due to copyright laws. 

As a music teacher, I believe that our students should learn certain things, and of those, one of them is the state song.  I always learned "Michigan, My Michigan" as a child, and for the first few years of my teaching, taught my students the same.  I recently decided to created a more involved lesson for my middle school general music students, and while researching to create a lesson, I found that this is not our official state song.  I was very disheartened by the discovery that our Official State Song is not often available because of copyright law.  Statement on Michigan.Gov

I ask you, the governing body of the State of Michigan, to change this.  Please change the state song completely, or include "Michigan, My Michigan" as an official state song. It is important that the children of Michigan can learn the true state song.

Melissa Stouffer, Music Teacher 

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